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Game Situation Training for Soccer

Themed Exercises and Small Sided Games

PRICE $14.95

by Wayne Harrison

Outstanding games and exercises to prepare players for the situations that arise in the match. Includes exercises for: Possession, Shooting and Finishing, Transition, Heading, Defending and Crossing.

Conditioning for Soccer - Book

PRICE $19.95

by Dr. Raymond Verheijen et al

Europe`s top soccer conditioning specialists contributed the following chapters on their specific area of expertise: Soccer Strength Training, Speed Training for Soccer Players, Soccer Specific Endurance training, Pre-Season Conditioning, Goalkeeping Training, Fitness Testing for Soccer Players, Injury Prevention. Without doubt the most complete book on soccer conditioning. 370 pages

Soccer Strategies - Defensive and Attacking Tactics

Well organized and clearly written, this is an outstanding coaching book.

PRICE $12.95

by Robyn Jones with Tom Tranter

Aimed primarily at intermediate and advanced coaches, this book examines the principle formations used in modern soccer and the need to fully understand them all if one is to adapt to game situations using counter-active tactics.
The author discusses such offensive topics as support, width, penetration, mobility and improvisation. Defensively, he provides insight into depth, delay, concentration, team balance, cover and restraint.

101 Youth Soccer Drills for 7-11 Year Olds - Book


PRICE $14.95

by Malcolm Cook

This book is a highly practical coaching resource that is essential reading for all coaches. Drills include:
* Warm-Up
* Controlling the ball
* Kicking the ball
* Heading the ball
* Dribbling with the ball
* Goalkeeping
* Warm-Down

Training Creative Goalscorers

PRICE $24.95

by Mike Beale

Scoring goals is the most exciting part of the game of soccer. It`s also the most difficult. As a coach, you want to create as many goalscorers on your team as possible. In order to do that you need to put your players into a wide variety of scoring situations in training so that they`ll be prepared when that one chance comes that will decide if your team will win or lose the game.